Rescata al dragón de tu elección.
Para obtener más información sobre la nueva función, consulte esto .
Buena suerte.🙂

Requisitos clave :

Común – 10 teclas
Raro – 13 teclas
Muy raro – 20 teclas
Épico – 35 teclas
Leyenda – 60 teclas

Para su información : si usa el filtro para la opción sin propietario, también incluye aquellos que aún no ha eclosionado, pero estos estarán en color, mientras que los que no tiene almacenados o eclosionados están en escala de grises.

Comes later for iOS too? Nothing on mine or my husbands 😕

(Both devices updated and restarted)

I actually like the idea, gives you a chance to get any Dragon you want, ok only common now but they seem to plan all dragons. My only complaint 10 keys for 120 gems seems high to me, 60 or 80 even. You need all 10 for 1 common Dragon, assume you will need more keys for legendary and others. Just don’t make it too dear and spoil it.

Did my first one with free keys in under an hour all 25 stages.

I have a couple of points as feedback:
1.- I like a lot this kind of Dragon Rescue version, where we can choose which dragon to rescue.
2.- But, the cost of 120 gems in order to buy 10 yellow keys is very expensive.
Thanks, regards.

This rescue idea is great and the fact that its permanent is more awesome. I’m doing mace since I dont have it. Also can you reduce the cost of keys, it’s too expensive. Also, can’t we collect keys by permanent key quests or weekly key quests. This reminds me a lot of dungeons from monster legends

The event appeared for both my husband and me. He completed all 25 battles at one time, rescued his dragon, and can now begin another if desired.

I had to stop at battle 21/25. When I loaded the game to finish, the event is now gone 🤔

No keys to purchase, no icon on the left to launch event.

At this point I will just wait and see 😂

FYI; this event has always been my absolute favorite – it gives me a chance (reason) to look at all my lower level dragons that I love but do not use for battle, and also gives a good reason to increase the number of dragons used for battle 🙂

Once the bugs are worked out this will be a great addition to the game!!


  1. Change the default behavior of selecting a team to have NO dragons selected. The «auto select» button can be used to do that and function as normal.
  2. PLEASE when selecting for battle, give us a way to sort the dragons by reverse level, seeing lowest levels first.
  3. 120 gems is far too high, even for a dragon of our choosing. I expect the higher rarities to cost much more, but for the commons to be this much is a little silly.
4.9/5 - (40 votos)