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La explicación del laberinto está aquí .

Bono de inicio: 400 monedas
Colecciones: 600 monedas cada 8 horas (5400) = 5800 monedas.
El total no incluye las monedas que podemos obtener de misiones o dragon tv.
Para conocer los tiempos de recolección, marque esto .

Oni -R- # 254: El camino cuesta 860 monedas.
Jefe -VR- # 350: El camino cuesta 2825 monedas + 1 llave = 3285 monedas.
Robin Hood -E- # 215: El camino cuesta 3630 monedas + 2 llaves = 6005 monedas.
Knife Bandit -L- # 1604: El camino cuesta 6020 monedas + 3 llaves = 10830 monedas.

Tiempo limitado:
23 – 25: Sand Vixen -L- # 1504: El camino cuesta 8165 monedas.
24 – 25: Queen´s Champion -L- # 1440: El camino cuesta 6720 monedas.


Please note that there are NO MAPS for this Island as you simply follow the maze.
There are several dragons that you need to lead through the maze one by one. Each dragon has its own coloured path and has to move through its own set of nodes. Once each dragon finishes its path in the maze, you will be awarded that dragon. You know that dragon has finished when you reach the node with the chequered flag. The maze is covered in fog, which will clear as you move your dragon through the maze.
To move each dragon through each node, you need to collect points (event coins), which you will get by collecting gold, food, PvP, breeding, hatching and feeding dragons.
When moving through the nodes, you can be awarded points, gems, food and gold, and there are fights on some nodes too. The further you get through the maze, the more points it will cost to move to a new node. For example, node 1 for dragon 1 may cost 30 maze points but that same dragon on node 18 may cost 175 maze points.

Puede ser una imagen de texto que dice "MAZE ISLAND BANDIT' MAZE Path Cost 860 ㅇ 2,825 Key Cost 3,630 460 6,020 1,915 Cost 8,165 2,435 860 6,720 N/A N/A 6,005 Total Fight N/A 10,830 3% fight 2h total 8,165 3x fight 2h total 6,720 fight 3h 12m total 3x fight 3h 12m total N/A Notable Rewards N/A Node 580 Node 1,335 Node 630 Node 1,055 Node 3,085 Node 4,280 Node Node 4,970 5,795 Chest Locations 4,590 7,535 6,150 startingcoins:400 Mx Coins 5,400 available for obfaining the dragon."


At the start of the maze, there are dragons who are unlocked and some that are not. You need to lead the unlocked dragons through the maze to find keys on certain nodes, which will unlock the other dragons. However, players can skip dragons which they already have once they have collected keys along the path to save some points.
Often there are also dragons that show up on timelimited paths. These do not need keys. Check our guides for each event to see how many points are needed for the dragons. It makes no sense to wait for a timelimited dragon when you dont have enough coins to finish that path on time.